Sunday, 9 January 2011

Challenge #11

This week I want you to draw a flower. But not just any flower you can see lying around (we'll leave that for another challenge). Your flower has to be imaginary. Something unique that you've created. The emphasis of this challenge is on design. Have fun!

Here's one. Enjoy.

Oli made a few, complete with descriptions which you can find below the picture:
Valerose - A small hand sized flower. The petals are charged with Wind energy and hold a ball of pollen in the air, making it more attractive to insects. They recharge this energy during the nights with their adapted leaves. 

Nutlily - A sort of lilypad that grows atop water. They spend months growing a giant seed that resembles a type of nut, under their leaves. This is usually released when water gets too rapid. They have tiny petals atop of the leaf to help the plant reproduce. 

Relash - The Relash is a sort of large swamp plant, whose pink petals are long and wirelike, that blow in the wind and make a musical sound as the wind passes through them. The leaves are slightly barbed in self defence. 

Banya - Banya is a Mikomian crop that grows similar to corn. The long stem grows up and the fruit grows at the top. The Banya fruit is like a banana with no skin and leaves atop, and tastes like strawberries with cream. Its one of the most widely eaten Mikomian crops, huge farms selling it all over from the farmlands.

Telltail -The leaves of the telltail curl up around one massive soft seed within it. This is for protection. It takes around 5 years for the seed to truly grow, and even then the seed is rarely released as the plant is so well protected it even works against them.

Death Apple Tree -The Death Apple Tree grows of Death energy. Because of this they grow in graveyards. This is why their leaves are purple. They have deep black apple-like fruit whose red juice tastes similar to blood.

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